SEBA spoken English audio CD for class 9 and 10



SEBA spoken English audio CD for class 9 and 10

SEBA Spoken English Audio CD

Free DOWNLOAD of spoken English audio conversions for the students of SEBA board particularly of class 9 and 10 has been published by the SEBA Assam.
This audio CD contains total 22 units.
In a single unit, there are more than six conversions which are of different situations.
The main motto of this spoken English audio CD is to develop the conversions of the students with other people.
This cd will learn students how to speak politely and in a manner in any situation of conversation.
Although this cd is particularly made for the students of class 9 and 10 of SEBA, but it is very important for all students whether he or she belongs to India or any other country, means, the students who are weak in English could gain lots of bits of knowledge from this audio CD.

If you want to improve your English Conversions, you could very easily download these audio conversions and could practise.

And practising all these conversions very carefully you could realise about your improvement.

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Seba audio conversion cd

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