CBSE, SEBA and Other Board Class 10 English Grammar Active and Passive Voice



CBSE, SEBA and Other Board Class 10 English Grammar Active and Passive Voice

CBSE, SEBA and Other Board Class 10 English Grammar Active and Passive Voice

Students, today I will explain CBSE, SEBA and Other Board Class 10 English Grammar Active and Passive Voice very clearly so that you can understand properly. In this blog post I have explained Rules of converting active voice to passive voice in Present Indefinite and Present Continuous Tense in the below.

Class 10 English Grammar Active and Passive Voice

Present Indefinite Tense

To convert a sentence into passive voice, you have to use is, am and are before the third form of the main i.e. principle verb.

A principle verb is one which expresses action by itself and it doesn’t need the help of any other word to express its meaning.  

Here are a few examples.

                                  Active Voice
                             Passive Voice
 I see the moon.
The moon is seen by me.
We eat rice.  
Rice is eaten by me
We play football.   
Football is played by us.
Cats kill mice
Mice are killed by cats.
Do you write an article? 
Is an article written by you?
People play football everywhere. 
Football is played everywhere.
People speak English all over the world.
English is spoken all over the world
 She flies a kite.
A kite is flown by her.
She plucks flowers.  
 Flowers are plucked by her.
What do you do?
What is done by you?
Ram plays on a flute
A flute is played by Ram.
I do not like her.        
She is not liked by me.
Do you read this book?      
Is this book read by you?
He scolds you.  
      You are scolded by him.

  You read a poem.
A poem is read by you.
  He sees the moon.  
The   moon is seen by him.

  Pupils respect their teachers.   
Teachers are respected by their pupils.
  Why does she not like chocolates?
Why are chocolates not liked by her?
Your brother do not cheat me.        
       I am not cheated by your brother.

Asha Bhonsle sings a sweet song.   
A sweet song is sung by Asha Bhonsle.
Our habits make us their slaves.   
We are made their slaves by our habits.
  Who does not like the queen of flowers?
By whom the queen of flowers is not liked?
Do you not know him?    
     Does he not known to you?

We take exercise every morning.                     
      Exercise is taken every morning by us.

Why do you dislike this poor boy?
Why is this poor boy disliked by you.
All praise her for her charms. 
She is praised for her charms by all.
We learn our lessons every day. 
      Lessons are learned every day by us.

Class 10 English Grammar

Present Continuous Tense

Passive voice, in the present continuous tense, is formed by using the following formula

                Is or am or are + being + third form of the Principle(main) verb

Here are some examples of active and passive voice( present continuous tense) which are very important for school, college and competitive exams.


                               Active Voice
                              Passive Voice
She is not speaking a word about this
       A  word is not being spoken by her about this matter.

 The farmer is not ploughing the field  
The field is not ploughed by the farmer.
What is she cooking for breakfast?  
What is being cooked for breakfast by him?
Is the gardener watering the plants?
Are the plants being watered by the gardener? 
 He is calling you.    
You are being called by him.
We are eating the oranges.    
     The oranges are being eaten by us.

I am doing the sum.  
     The sum is being done by me.

 Are you drawing a picture?   
Is a picture being drawn by you?
  He is beating his pet dog.   
     His pet dog is being beaten by him.

What are you doing?
What is being done by you?

He is not listening to you.    

You are not being listened to by him.
 He is writing a long letter
A long letter is being written by him.
 I am stitching a redshirt.       
A redshirt is being stitched by me.

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