Assam University, Silchar- TDC 5th Sem Exam, Important Questions, Sit On Exam



Assam University, Silchar- TDC 5th Sem Exam, Important Questions, Sit On Exam

Assam University, TDC 5th Sem Exam

Most important questions

Foundations Course

In Environmental Studies


Hello Students, on this website you can find the most important questions for the exam of  TDC 5th sem. Foundation Course in Environmental Studies,2018 of the  Assam University. If you prepare the answer of all these questions properly, you can easily score more than 55% of the total marks. Here I have provided the most important questions which will carry for 2, 3, or 4 marks in the examination. 

Students as you know that in the Foundation Course exam, 15 marks out of total marks i.e. 50 marks, come only for 1 marks and this includes the choice question of objective type and questions with fill in the blanks. So, for this 15 marks, you have to read thoroughly of all the topics of your syllabus.

Here are the most important questions of Foundation Course in environmental studies exam, 2018:

1.   What were anaerobes?

2.   Define commensalism with the example.

3.   Describe briefly the earth’s atmosphere when life began on earth.

4.   Discuss briefly different types of negative interactions among the organisms.

5.   What is the ecological niche?

6.   Define mutualism. Give an example.

7.   What are the various types of negative interaction?

8.   What is food chain? What are it’s types?

9.   Discuss briefly the different types of the food chain.

10. What is ecological succession? Describe briefly the different types of succession.

11. What is biotic and abiotic components of an ecosystem? Give examples.

12. Discuss briefly the population explosion.

13. Differentiate between non-renewable and inexhaustible resources with suitable examples.

14. Discuss the human societies of the early periods of civilization.

15. What are the abiotic resources? Give examples.

16. Discuss the biotic resources of  the environment.

17. Describe the man-environment interactions during the Industrial Revolutions.

18. Describe the natural sources of radiation exposure.

19. Give the causes of freshwater pollution with examples.

20. What is noise pollution? Explain briefly it’s adverse effects on our environment.

21. Define biodegradable and non-biodegradable with suitable examples.

22. Discuss  briefly the major types of ionizing radiations of ecological concern.

23. What is the role of forests in soil and water conservation? Explain briefly.

24. Discuss briefly the bad effects of urbanization in the physical environment.

25. Discuss briefly the causes and consequences of depletion of ozone layer.

26. What is greenhouse effect ? Discuss  briefly.

27. Discuss the early human societies.

28. Discuss the adverse effects of population explosion.

29. What  is meant by biogeochemical cycle? What are it’s basic categories?

30. What is fossil? When did life appear on the earth?

In spite of these questions, you have to go through very well of your syllabus if you want to score good marks in the examination.
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