Assam General Knowledge Important Questions and answers competitive exam 2022



Assam General Knowledge Important Questions and answers competitive exam 2022

Assam General Knowledge  Important Questions and answers competitive exam 2022

Assam General Knowledge for all competitive exam

Assam General Knowledge  Important Questions and answers competitive exam 2022

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Assam General Knowledge  Important Questions and answers competitive exam 2022

401.Which of  the following river is known as Kamreng in Arunachal Pradesh-

(a) Jia Bharali

(b) Jia Dhals

(c) Subansiri

(d) Rangandoi

Answer: (a)

402. Pink Granite has been discovered in which Hill of Goalpara distrtrict?

(a) Rakshashini Pahar

(b) Sri Surya Pahar

(c) Ajagar Hills

(d) None of these

Answer: (C)

403. The Dighali Pukhuri in Guwahati is associated with?

(a) Harshavardhan 

(b) Narakasura

(c) Bhagadatta

(d) Bhaskarvarman

Answer: (c) 

404.The Ahoms Maidams are shaped like?

(a) Pyramids

(b) Stupas

(c) Tombs

(d) Arches

Answer: (a)

405.Which district was separated from Assam and given to Pakistan in 1947?

(a) Chittagong

(b) Khulna

(c) Sylhet

(d) Sholashahar

Answer: (c)

406.Tamradhwaj was the king of which of the following dynasty?

(a) Pala

(b) Chutiya

(c) Ahom

(d) Kachari

Answer: (d)

407. The historic Assam Accord was signed on-

(a) 15th August,1985

(b) 26th January,1986

(c) 15th August,1986

(d) 15th August,1990

Answer: (a)


408. Climate of Assam is -

(a) Tropical monsoon climate

(b) Hot climate

(c) Warm Climate

(d) Cold Climate

Answer: (a)

409. Assam Language Bill was passed in the year -

(a) 1940

(b) 1950

(c) 1960

(d) 1970

Answer: (c)

410. In which year, the capital of Assam was shifted from Shillong to Dispur?

(a) 1950

(b) 1955

(c) 1971

(d) 1973

Answer: (d)

411. The first and only Sanskrit College in Assam situated at -

(a) Nalbari

(b) Jorhat

(c) Guwahati

(d) Golaghat

Answer: (a)

412.Which state was separated from Assam in 1963?

(a) Nagaland

(b) Meghalaya

(c) Tripura

(d) Manipur

Answer: (a)

413.Which place of Assam is well known for its bell metal craft?

(a) Hajo

(b) Sualkuchi

(c) Sarthebari

(d) Barpeta

Answer: (c)

414.Deopahar ruins, the ruins of an ancient temple is located at?

(a) Numaligarh

(b) Golaghat

(c) Sivasagar

(d) Joraht

Answer: (a) 

415. Commonly known as the valley of death for birds  Jatinga is a small village Assam is located in which district?

(a) Dima Hasao District

(b) East Karbi Anglong

(c) Golaghat

(d) West Karbi Anglong

Answer: Dima Hasao

416. Which is the first National Park in Assam?

(a) Manas

(b) Nameri

(c) Orang

(d) Kaziranga


417. Asia's largest dry fish market is located at-

(a) Jagiroad

(b) Morigaon

(c) Nagaon

(d) Dibrugarh

Answer: (a)

418.A committee to implement clause 6 of the Assam Accord was led by-

(a) Justice Biplab Kr.Sarma

(b) Justice Ranjan Gogoi

(c) Justice PK Goswami

(d) Justice Madan B Lokur


419. Oil City of Assam is -

(a) Numaligarh

(b) Bongaigaon

(c) Dibrugarh

(d) Digboi

Answer: (d) 

420. The Sangeet Natak Akademi recognized Sattriya Nritya as an official classical dance of India in-

(a) 1995

(b)  1999

(c) 2000

(d) 2001

Answer: (c) 

421. Hang'a  & Sang'a is a widow remarriage system popular among which  group of popular residing in  Assam?

(a)  Mikir

(b) Matak

(c) Hajong

(d) Thengal Kachari

Answer: (c) 

422. Khajuraho of Assam is-

(a) Madan Kamdev 

(b) Sibadoul

(c) Haigriv Madhav Mandir

(d) None of the above

Answer: (a) 

423. Wangala is the main festival of-

(a) Garos

(b) Tiwas

(c) Rabhas

(d) Karbis

Answer: (a)

424. Which city is called " City of Eastern Astrology?

(a) Pragjyotishpur

(b) Harupeswar

(c) Davaka

(d) Tezpur

Answer: (a) 

425.. Who was the governor of Assam during the Quit India Movement?

(a) Robert Neil Reid

(b) Sir Akbar Hydari

(c) Andrew Gourlay Clow

(d) None of  these


426. In which year Crude Oil was drilled in Assam for the first time -

(a) 1824

(b) 1889

(c) 1901

(d) 1911

Answer: (b)

427.  Who was the president of Assam Sahitya Sabha held at Guwahati  i 1924-

(a)  Laxsminath Bezbaruah

(b) Padmanath Gohain Barua

(c)  Surjya Kuamr Bhuyan

(d) Dr. Bhupen Hazarika

Answer: (a)

428.  Which King of Assam is participated in the Kannauj relious festival?

(a) Bala Varman

(b) Mahendra Varman

(c) Pushya Vaman

(d) Bhaskar Varman

Answer: (d)

429. Haidang are traditional folk songs of which tribe?

(a) Tiwas

(b) Bodos

(c) Rabhas

(d) Sonowals

Answer: (d)

430.  Which  of the following cultural institution was born out of Assam Accord?

(a) Rock Garden 

(b) Assam State Museum

(c) Sankardeva Kalakhetra

(d) Rabindra Bhawan

Answer: (c)

431.Which of the following assaciation was formed by Manik Chandra Baruah? 

(a) Assam Independence League

(b) Assam Assoication

(c) Assam Sabha

(d) None of the above

Answer: (b)

432. From whose reign Sanskrit Language was used in Ahom coins?

(a) Siva Singha

(b) Pratap Singha

(c) Rudra Singha

(d) Suhungmung

Answer: (c)

433. Who was the King of the Morans when Sukapha came to Assam?

(a)  Badancha

(b) Thakumtha

(c) Maulung

(d) Burahi

Answer: (a) 

434. Which  is at the apex of the three tier system of Panchayati Raj?

(a) Gram Sabha

(b) Gram Panchayat

(c) Zila Praishad

(d) Panchayat Samiti

Answer: (c)

435. Which of the following states has no Panchayati Raj Institution at all?

(a) Assam 

(b) Kerala

(c) Tripura

(d) Nagaland

Answer: (d)

436.  The bicameral Assam Lehislative in Assam became unicameral with the abolition of the Assam Legislative Council in the year?

(a) 1937

(b) 1947

(c) 1935

(d) 1949

Answer: (b)

437.  The Kaziranga was announced as protected area by Lord Curzon in -

(a) 1905

(b) 1906

(c) 1907 

(d) 1908

Answer:  (d)

438. The Tribal League in Assam was founded in the year-

(a) 1921

(b) 1924

(c) 1929

(d) 1933

Answer: (d)

339. The first Medical College of Assam was established at-

(a) Guwahati

(b) Dibrugarh

(c) Silchar

(d) Jorhat

Answer: (b)

340. The Assam Association , the first political organization in Assam was formed in -

(a) 1902

(b) 1903

(c) 1904

(d) 1905

Answer: (b)

341. The Assam Public Service Commission came into effect on -

(a) 1st March, 1937

(b) 1st March, 1950

(c) 1st April, 1937

(d) 1st  April, 1950

Answer: (c)

442. Who was the only representative from Assam as well as Northeast India to the drafting committee of the INdian Constitution?

(a) Syed Md. Saadulla

(b) Bishnuram Medhi

(c) Gopinath Bordoloi

(d) Liladhar Baruah

Answer:  (a) 

443. Dihingia Raja defeated the Kacharis in 1531 A. D. What is the Ahom name of Dihingia Raja?

(a) Susenpha

(b) Suhungmung

(c) Sudanpha

(d) Suteupha

Answer: (b)

444. Which of the following acts made Assam an autonomous province?

(a) Government of India Act, 1935

(b)  Charter Act, 1853

(c) Indian Council Act, 1861

(d) Rawlatt  Act,1919

Answer: (a)

445.  The first railway line was opened in  Assam  between-

(a) Dibrugarh to Margherita

(b) Dibrugarh to Guwahati

(c) Dibrugarh to Tinsukia

(d) Dibrugarh to Jorhat

Answer: (a) 

446. Provincial Self-Autonomy was introduced to Assam in the year-

(a) 1935

(b) 1937

(c) 1940

(d) 1941

Answer: (a) 

447. Which of the following route is the National Waterway-  2  (NW-2)

(a) River Ganga from Uttarakhand to West Bengal

(b) River Brahmaputra from Dhubri to Sadiya

(c) River Ganga from Haldia to Allahabad

(d) None of these

Answer: (b) 

448. Which one is the only Assamese who represented India in the Round Table Conference held at London in 1930?

(a) Chandradhar Barua

(b) Tarun Ram Phukan

(c) Gopinath Bordoloi

(d) Krishna Nath Sarma

Answer: (a) 

449. In which year Saraighat Bridge was inaugurated over the river Brahmaputra -

(a) 1960

(b) 1961

(c) 1962

(d) 1963

Answer: (c)

450. Which of the following is true regarding the coals found in Assam?

(a) High Ash content

(b) High Sulphur content 

(c) High Moisture content

(d) Low Volatile Matter

Answer: (b)

451. In which year The Project Tiger in Manas National Park was started?

(a) 1973

(b) 1975

(c) 1972

(d) 1976

Answer: (a)

452. The first Assamese magazine Orunodoi was published in the year-

(a) 1836

(b) 1846

(c) 1872

(d) 1882

Answer: (b)

453. The reason behind the peasants of Nagaon gathered at Phulaguri for a raij mel ( peopl's  assambly) was   -

(a) To protest against taxes on Tea 

(b) To Protest against taxes on Rice

(c) To protest against British Occupation

(d) To protest against taxes on Betel-nut  and Paan

Answer: (d)

454. Which city is also known as the cultural capital of Assam -

(a) Jorhat

(b) Tezpur

(c) Sivsagar

(d) Dibrugarh

Answer: (a)

455. In 1905, the Swadeshi Movement in Assam was led by -

(a) Gopinath Bordoloi

(b) Tarunram Phukan

(c) Bishuram Medhi

(d) Ambikagiri Raychoudhury

Answer: (d) 

456. The soil found basically over the Brahmaputra  and Barak Plain is -

(a) Laterite soil

(b) Alluvial soil

(c) Hill soil

(d) Red soil

Answer: (b)

457.  Rongker is the main festival of-

(a) Missings

(b) Bodos

(c) Rabhas

(d) Karbis

Answer: (d)

458. Farkhanti festival is celebrated by -

(a) Missings

(b) Bodos

(c) Rabhas

(d) Tiwas

Answer: (c)

459.  Chomangkan festival is celebrated by -

(a) Karbis

(b) Bodos

(c) Rabhas

(d) Tiwas

Answer: (a)

460.  The first Khasi chief to declare war against the British was/

(a) Tirot Singh

(b) Bir Singha

(c) Hari Singh

(d) Birendra Singha

Answer: (a)

461. Kaolin reserve in Assam is found in which district of Asssam?

(a) Dima Hasao

(b) Tinsukia

(c) Dibrugarh

(d) Karbi Anglong

Answer: (d)

462. In which of the following hills in Goalpara Quartz is found?

(a) Sri Surya Pahar

(b) Tukreswari hill

(c) Pancharatna hill

(d) Hoolokanda Pahar

Answer: (c)

463. Who among the following from Assam joined the famous Dandi March?

(a) Liladhar Barua

(b) Nabin Ch. Bordoloi

(c) Tarunram Phukan

(d) Kuladhar Chaliha

Answer: (a) 

464. Which district of Assm has the highest number of Tea Gardens -

(a) Sonitpur

(b) Sivsagar

(c) Darrang

(d) Dibrugarh

Answer: (d)

465. How many World Heritage Sites are there in Assam?

(a) 2

(b) 3

(c)  1

(d) 4

 Answer: (a)

466. Who wrote Janma Rahashya by following the request of Kamalpriya, the wife of Chilarai?

(a) Sankardev

(b) Madhavdev

(c) Damodardev

(d) Haridev

Answer: (b)

467. Where and when did Gandhiji visited for the 1st time?

(a) Golakganj on 18th August 1921

(b) Karimganj on 18th August 1921

(c) Rangia on 18th August 1921

(d) Pandu on 18th August  1921

Answer: (a) 

468. The Lachit Borphukan's  Maidam is located  in -

(a) Sivasagar

(b) Jorhat

(c) Dibrugarh

(d) Guwahati

Answer: (b)

469.  Which work of Madhavdev is  called as "Sweet as Plum & Hard as Seed" by Sankardev?

(a) Naam Ghosa

(b) Janma Rahasya

(c) Dhyana Varnana

(d) Arjun Bhanjan

Answer: (a) 

470.  In 1669, one of the most tragic battles, the Alaboi Battle, was fought between the Ahoms  and the  Mughals, causing the death of about 10,000 Ahom soldiers. Which date has been recently announced by the government to be observed as Alaboi Martyr's Day?

(a) August 11

(b) August 7

(c) August 5

(d) August 2

Answer: (c)

471. Godai and Bogapani are the two major elephant corridors of which National Park?

(a) Pobitra Wildlife Sanctuary

(b) Dehing Patkai National Park

(c) Kaziranga National Park

(d) Manas National Park

Answer: (b)

472. This famous waterfall of Assam is called the  " Mini Niagara of Assam", and is also a worshipping  place for the followers of Shiva .Name it-

(a) Panimur Waterfall

(b) Akashiganga Waterfalls

(c) Sivakunda Waterfall

(d) Kakochang Waterfalls

Answer: (a) 

473. The beel of Assam, which is the 2nd largest seasonal wetland in Asia. River Singda,which originates in Manipur, is the source of this beel.The beel is-

(a) Deepor Beel

(b) Son Beel

(c) Diplai Beel

(d) Jonbeel

Answer: (b)

474. An active participant of the Non-Cooperation Movement and was popularly known as 'Volunteerani Bai' by the local people and 'Sarojini of Assam' by Gandhiji. Who is she?

(a) Chandraprava Saikiani

(b) Bhugeswari Phukanani

(c) Bhanumati Talukdar

(d) Pushpalata Das

Answer: (c) 

475. Who called Borgeets as "Noble Numbers"?

(a) Kaliram Medhi

(b) Laksminath Bezbaruah

(c) Dimbeswar Neog

(d) Dr. Banikanta Kakati

Answer: (d)

476.What was the original name of Thakur Ata?

(a) Narayan Das 

(b) Veer Das

(c) Chand Sai

(d) None of the above

Answer: (a)

477.  Srimanta Sankardeva was able to established 'Ek Saran Naam Dharma' during the reign of-

(a) Bhaskarvarman

(b) Biswa Singha

(c) Naranarayan

(d) Gadadhar Singha

Answer: (c)

478. What was the usual shape of the Kachari coin?

(a) Diagonal

(b) Round

(c) Hexagonal

(d) Square

Answer: (b)

479. Which village of Nalbari district is also mentioned in the Kautilya 's Arthashastra for producing silk?

(a) Sonkuriha

(b) Namdonga

(c) Barkura

(d) Dihjari

Answer: (a)

480.When is Sati Sadhani Diwas celebrated?

(a) 21st January

(b) 23rd February

(c) 31st March

(d) 21st April

Answer: (d)

481. Sati Sadhini was the queen and wife of -

(a)  Nityapal

(b) Birpal

(c) Ratnadhwajpal

(d) Durlabh Narayan

Answer: (a) 

482. "Thapita-Sanchita" the term was used by Ahoms to the 

(a) Naga Kings

(b) Moran  Kings

(c) Kachari Kings

(d) Chutiya Kings

Answer: (c)


483. When did the Assam Assaciation merge with the Assam Provincial Congress Committee?

(a) 1905

(b) 1911

(d) 1919

(d) 1921

Answer: (d)

484. Who was the founder of the Chutiya Kingdom?

(a) Nitipal 

(b) Birpal

(c) Ratnapal

(d) Brahmapal

Answer: (b)

485. Which one of the following places is the confluences of three highly revered pilgrimages for the Hindu, Muslim And Buddhists?

(a) Parasuram Kunda

(b) Dhekikakhowa Namghar

(c) Hajo

(d) Barpeta

Answer: (c)

486. The terracotta industry is located in-

(a) Dhubri

(b) Karimganj

(c) Goalpara

(d) Dhemaji

Answer: (a) 

487. Sankardeva had established the first Naamghar at -

(a) Narayanpur

(b) Patbaushi

(c) Bordowa 

(d) Majuli

Answer: (c)

488. Who had established the "Barpeta Satra " in Barpeta -

(a) Sankardeva

(b) Madhavdeva

(c) Damodardeva

(d) Gopal Ata

Answer: (b)

489. Which town is also known as the Manchester of Assam?

(a) Digboi

(b) Nagaon

(c) Jorhat

(d) Sualkuchi

Answer: (d) 

490.Tusu Puja is one of the important festivals of which community of Assam?

(a) Rabha

(b)  Tea-Tribe

(c) Bodo

(d) None

Answer:  (b)

491. First women in Assam to be killed for participating in the Non-cooperation Movement was -

(a) Mongri (Malati )

(b) Pushpalata

(c) Bhanumati Talukdar

(d) Chandraprabha Saikiani

Answer: (a) 

492. Ali-Aye-Ligang is a festival associated with agriculture. It is a major festival of which tribe/ community of Assam?

(a) Rabha

(b) Mishing

(c) Ahom

(d) Sonowal Kachari

Answer: (b)

493.Bathow Puja is an important religious festival of the which community of Assam?

(a) Rabha

(b) Bodo-kacharies

(c) Mishing

(d) Karbi

Answer: (b)

494.Boli Pukhuri ,  a famous tank is situated at?

(a) Chayagaon

(b) Amguri

(c) Chariduar

(d) Rangapara

Answer: (c) 

495. Bisuwa is an harvesting feestival of which of the following community?

(a) Koch Rajbansi

(b) Bodo

(c) Rabha

(d) Sonowal Kachari

Answer: (a)

496. When did Bhogeswar Baruah awarded gold madla in Asian Games?

(a) 1948

(b) 1966

(c) 1976

(d) 1964

Answer: (b) 

497. What is the name of the Assamese Novel that won the 2019 Sahitya Academy Awarded?

(a) Birbal

(b) Chankya

(c) Chandragupta

(d) Tansen

Answer: (b)

498. The Peacock island of Assam is-

(a) Majuli island

(b) Umananda Island

(c) Deepor bill

(d) None of the above

Answer: (b)

499. Umananda Temple is located in which Hill -

(a) Nilachal Hill

(b) Chitrachal Hill

(c) Sandhyachal Hill

(d) Bhasmachal Hill

Answer: (d)

500. Navagraha Temple is located in which Hill--

(a) Nilachal hill

(b) Chitrachal hill

(c) Sandhyachal hill

(d) Bhasmachala hill

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