Spoken English, tips for improving spoken English of a student, Sit On Exam



Spoken English, tips for improving spoken English of a student, Sit On Exam

Spoken English 

Tips for improving spoken English of a student 

Learning conversation  is very important for all English learners as it teaches us the manner and behaviour of talking with others.

Therefore, to develop this behaviour in them, students need to practise this language( English) properly with their teachers, with their relatives( parents, brother, sister, cousin, uncle, aunt).

Here are some examples of spoken English with manners. These tips would help you to grow your spoken English with others.

Unit 1
Conversation 1

 The office room of the principal of a school.Sri Bipul Das, father of Rhema, a student of Class 10 has come to meet the principal.
Bipul Das: Excuse me Sir. May I  come in please.
Principle: Yes, Please.
Bipul Das: Good morning sir.
Principle: Good morning. Please take a seat.
Bipul Das: Thank you.  I'm Bipul Das, Rima's father. Rima is roll number 1, class 10.
principe: Oh! You're Rima's father. Nice to meet you.
Bipul Das: It's nice to meet you too.
Principe: Well what can I do for you.
Bipul Das:  I've come to take her home,  her mother has suddenly fallen sick.
Principle:  really!  I'm sorry to hear that.( Calling on phone)
Bubble, go to class 10 and call Rima.
Rima: Good morning sir.
Principle: Good morning. Your father has come to take you home. You may go.
Rima: Thank you sir.

 Unit 1
Conversation 2

Ananya is on her way to school. She meets Priya, her old friend along with another girl who she doesn't know.
Ananya: Hi Priya How are you?
Priya:  I'm fine,  thanks and how are you Ananya?
Ananya: I'm fine too. Won't you introduce your friend?
Priya: Oh! This is Tina, she's a newcomer to a school. Tina meet my friend Ananya
Ananya: Hi Tina.
Tina:  Hi, how are you?
Ananya:  I'm fine, thanks.

Unit 1
Conversation 3

Aziz and Kamal  are two old friends. They greet each other and kamal introduces  his friend Rana to Aziz.
Aziz: Hello Kamal.
Kamal: Hello Aziz,  it's good to see you again. How are you doing?
Aziz:  I'm fine, thanks. How what's you?
Kamal: I'm fine too. Well Aziz,  this is Rana. He joined our  school yesterday.
Aziz: Hello Rana.
Rana: Hi, nice to meet you.
Aziz:Nice to meet you too.

 Unit 1
Conversation  4

Pori  and Moni live in the same neighborhood and meet each other in a bihu tolly for the first time. Pori  is dressed as a Bihu dancer.
Pori: Hello I'm Pori.
Moni:Hi, I am Moni. I'm from Monica. Nice to meet you. Where are you from?
Pori: I'm from Adabery. Nice to meet you too.
Moni: Are you a Dancer Pori?
Pori: Yes, I have taken of dance as a hobby. I learn dancing at the Jouti  Dance Academy.
Moni: That's very interesting.
Pori: What do you do Moni?
Moni: I'm studyinbg medicine.
Pori: How nice!

Unit 1
Conversion 5

Promod and Rathul are old friends. They are in different jobs. They meet each other in the straight near market place.
Promod: Hi Ratul.
Ratul: Hi promod, how is it going?
Promod: Great! what are you doing?
Ratul: I am bit worried.
Promod: Worried! What's wrong?
Ratul: I've lost my job. I don know what to do.
Promod: Take it easy Ratul. come, lets have a cup of tea.
Ratul: ok, thanks.

Unit 1
Conversion 6

Banani makes a phone call to her cousin Deepak.
Banani:( Calling on phone), Hi Deep, it's Banani.
Deepak: Oh! Hi Banani.
Banani: Are you busy? Can I talk to you for a minute?
Deepak: I'm actually bust at the moment.
Banani: Oh! I'm sorry, I will call you later then. By.
Deepak: By.

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