NCERT Class 10 Social science( Economic Part) free pdf download,



NCERT Class 10 Social science( Economic Part) free pdf download,

Social Science class 10 CBSE text book

Economic Part

Consumer Right

This chapter proposes to discuss the issue of
consumer rights within the context of the ways
markets operate in our country. There are many
aspects of unequal situations in a market and
poor enforcement of rules and regulations. Hence,
there is a need to sensitise learners and encourage
them to participate in the consumer movement.
This chapter provides case histories – how some
consumers were exploited in a real life situation
and how legal institutions helped consumers in
getting compensated and in upholding their rights
as consumers. The case histories would enable
the students to link these narratives to their life
experiences. We have to enable students to

understand that the awareness of being a well-
informed consumer arose out of consumer

movement and active participation of people
through their struggles over a long period. This
chapter also provides details of a few
organisations helping consumers in different
ways. Finally it ends with some critical issues of
the consumer movement in India.
Aspects of Teaching / Sources of Information
This chapter has questions, case studies and
activities. It would be preferred that students
discuss these in groups orally. Some of these
could be answered in writing individually.
While carrying out each activity you could
start with a brainstorming session about the
activity. Similarly there are many opportunities
for role-play in this chapter and this could be a
useful way to share their experiences and

understand the issues at a deeper level. Making
posters collectively is another way to think about
these issues. This lesson contains activities,
which require visits – visit to consumer
protection councils, consumer organisations,
consumer court, retail shops, market places, etc.
Organise the visits to maximise learners’
experience. Have a discussion with them about
the purpose of the visit, things they need to do
beforehand and things that need to be collected
and the task (report/ project / article, etc.) they
would carry out after the visit. As part of this
chapter, the learners may do letter-writing and
speaking activities. We may have to be sensitive
to the language aspect of exercises.
This chapter contains materials collected
from authenticated websites, books, newspapers
and magazines. For example, http:// is a website of Central
Government Ministry of Consumer Affairs.
Another website is the
website of a consumer organisation working in
India for more than 20 years. It publishes a
variety of materials to create consumer
awareness in India. They need to be shared
among learners so that they can also collect
materials as part of their activities. For example,
case histories were taken from newspaper
clippings and consumers who fought in
consumer courts. Let learners collect and read
such materials from different sources: consumer
protection councils, consumer courts and

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