Assam University Tdc economics important questions, 2018 exam



Assam University Tdc economics important questions, 2018 exam

                          Assam University

TDC Odd Semester Exam., 2018, ECONOMICS, ( Honours) IMPORTANT 

QUESTIONS, Development Of Indian Economy Since Independence-I


Assam University tdc major  economic questions

1.  What are the five important features of Indian Economy? Explain.

2.  What are the mineral resources available in India? Are these sufficiently available?

3.  Is India overpopulated? If yes, give your argument.

4.  State the important water resources of Assam. Has these resources been fully exploited? If not, why?

5.  State the sectoral distribution of national income of India.

6.  Mention the causes of slow growth of national income in India.

7.  State and explain the structural changes that took place in India since 1991.

8.  Mention the pattern of contribution of primary sector in the state income of Assam.

9.  Why is the productivity of Indian agriculture is still low? Explain.
10. Mention the main elements of Green Revolution in India.

11. Why has land reform measures failed in India? Give reasons.

12. Mention the important sources of rural credit in India.

13. State and explain the important features of new industrial policy in India.

14. Mention the causes of stagnation of industrial sector in India in 1960’s.

15. Explain  the concept of MRTP ACT, FERA and FEMA. 

16. State the important sources of industrial finance in India.

17. State and Explain the disguised unemployment in India.

18. Write a brief note on the unorganized labour market in India.

19. What are the causes of poverty in India? Discuss.

20. State the government measures for the eradication  of poverty in India after 1951.

21. Explain the features of (i) population size, (ii) growth rates and (iii) sex ratio and sex composition.

22. Mention two problems of overpopulation.

23. Give a brief note of natural resources of Assam in respect of land and water.

24. Comment on the present population policy in India.

25. State the reasons of increasing the service-sector contribution towards India’s National Income since 1991.

26. Why is Assam lagging behind the industrial growth as compared to other States in India?

27. What are the special features of National Income Statistics of Indian economy?

28. State the broad sectoral  distribution of income of Assam.

29. How would you explain the relationship between ‘farm-size’ and ‘productivity’ in Indian agriculture?

30. Do you agree that ‘Green Revolution’ in India is responsible for adopting mechanization in agriculture?

31. What are the problems of rural credit in Indian agricultural sector?

32. Do you agree that present institutions of supplying rural credit to Assam agricultural sector is not up to the market?

33. State the problems of ‘ New Industrial Policy’ of India since 1991.

34. What are the causes of failures of functioning of public sector undertakings of India?

35. Give names of Industrial Financial Institutions of India.

36. State and explain different types of unemployment prevailing in India.

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