The most Important Assam GK MCQs for Assam police constable and SI exam 2022



The most Important Assam GK MCQs for Assam police constable and SI exam 2022

The most Important Assam GK MCQs for Assam police constable and SI exam 2022

Hello friends, Assam police constable and SI exam is going to be held in the month  of April as per the notification of slprbassam

 So keeping this point in mind we are going to help to the aspirants who are preparing for this Examination by providing the most important assam gk mcqs, where we will provide the 1000+ important Objective type  questions along with their  answers.  These topics( Assam History, Assam Art's & Culture, Assam Geography, Assam  Polity, Assam Static Gk, Indian Economy, Indian Politics, Indian Geography, Indian Arts and Culture, Indian Static Gk etc.) will be completed in a multiple series. 

 One can score good marks  if one learns these Assam GK MCQs properly

The most Important Assam GK MCQs for Assam police constable and SI exam 2022

1. Who among the following is the author of the book ' Assamese: Its Formation and Development' ?

(a)  Dr. Banikanta Kakoti

(b)  Hem Baruah

(c)  Dr. Maheswar Neog

(d)  Anandaram Baruah

Answer: a

2."Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary" is declared as a National Park (7th national park of Assam) on- 

(a) 10th June,2021

(b) 5th June ,2021

(c) 9thJune,2021

(d) 8th June,2021

Answer:9th June,2021.

3. The 6th National Park of Assam, Raimona National Park is formally declared as a National Park on-

(a) 10thJune ,2021

(b) 5th June ,2021

(c) 8thJune,2021

(d)2nd June 2021

Answer: 5th June,2021.

4)  The first Assamese who fought against British was ?

(a)  Moniram Dewan

(b)  Piyali Phukan

(c)  Gomdhar Konwar

(d)Kushal Konwar

Answar: Gomdhar Konwar.

5)  Kaziranga is declared as a National Park in -

(a) 1985




Answer: 1974.

6)   Kaziranga is declared as UNSECO world heritage site in-

(a) 1985





7)  Srimanta Sankardeva was born in the year /






8)  Ahom entered the Bramhaputra valley in- 

(a)1220 A.D.

(b)1225 A.D.

(c) 1228 A.D

(d) 1130 A.D.

Answer: 1228 A.D.

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9)  The first Newspaper in Assamese Arundoi published from Sivasagar, was published in the year- 

(a) 1858 

(b) 1860

( c)  1846

( d) 1864

Answer: 1846, c.

10)  Belimar, Assamese drama by Laksminath Bezbaruah is- 

(a) a tragedy depicting the falls of the home Kingdom 

(b) description of the beauty of the sun-set

(c) biographical representation of a legend king

(d) None of the above

Answer:A tragedy depicting the falls of the home Kingdom. 

11)  Kamala Kanta Bhattacharjya is known as  

(a) Dhawni Kavi 

(b) Agni Kavi

( c)  Bidrohi Kavi

(d) Bihagi Kavi

Answer: Agni Kavi.

12)  The first Assamese dictionary was compiled by 

( a) Hemchandra Barua

( b)Miles Brobson

( c) Nathan Brown 

( d) O.C. Kotor.

Answer: Miles Brobson.

13) Sarothi a well known book on moral precepts in Assamese  was authored by

( a)  Lambodhar Bora

( b) Banikanta Kakati

( c) Sathynath Bora 

( d) Benudhar Sharma

Answer: Sathyanath Bora.

14) The founder editor of The Assam Tribune was-

( a) Radha Gobinda Baruah 

( b) Kirtinath Hazarika

( c) Laksminath Phukon 

( d) Satish Ch. Kakoti

Answer Laksminath Phukon. 

15)   Kaziranga is declared as a Project Tiger in the year -

(a) 2007




Answer: 2007

16) Kaziranga forest reserve was  declared as a wildlife sanctuary in-

(a) 1950


(c) 1947

(d) 1948

Answer :1950 ,(a)

17) The first capital  of the Ahom was

(a) Gashigaon

(b) Charaideo

(c) Ramgpur

(d) Ssaraguwa

Answer: Charaideo.(b)

18) The first battle fought by the Ahoms against the Mughal was

(a) Saraighat

(b) Itakhuli

(c) Bharali

(d) Jogighopa\

Answer: Bharali,(c)

19) Manas National Park is formally declared as National Park in -

(a) 1990

(b) 1985

(c) 1999

(d) 1973

Answer: 1990,(a)

20) The Tai Ahom name of Bamuni Konwar was?

(a) Sudangpha

(b) Subinpha

(c) Sujangpha

(d) Suhungmung


21) The smallest National Park of Assam is- 

(a) Orang National park 

(b) Nameri National park 

(c)Dehing Patkai National park 

(d) Raimona National Park 

Answer: Orang National Park ,(a)

22) The name Guwahati has been derived from the fact that once the place was famous for- 

(a) Coconut grooves 

b) Tea garden

c) Sugarcane field 

d) Betelnuts groves 

Answer: Betelnuts groves, ( d)

23)  The tallest existing  temple in Assam is-

(a) Shiva temple at Sivasagar

(b) Umananda temple at Guwahati 

( c)  Shiva temple at Degaon

(d) Kamakhya temple at Silghat

 Answer: Shiva temple at Sivasagar, (a)

24) Manas is declared as UNSECO world heritage site in

(a) 1985

(b 1989

(c) 1990

(d) 1991

Answer 1985

25)  Who built the Dhodar Ali

( a) Godadhar Singha

( b) Purandar Singha

(c) Rudra Singha

(d) Shiva Singha

Answer: Godadhar Singha, ( a).

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