Article, Why do some of the students not score high marks in the exam?, Sit On Exam



Article, Why do some of the students not score high marks in the exam?, Sit On Exam

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Why do some of the students not score high marks in the exam?

By studying this article, your concepts regarding the scoring of high or fewer marks in the exam by a student will be cleared.

Why does a student get high marks or fewer marks in the exam? What do you think? You may think, a student scores fewer marks because of

·         lack of preparation,

·         not understanding the subjects properly,

·         the boring subjects,

·         Improper care of parents as well as teachers etc. etc.

Or a student obtain high marks because

·         he is very intelligent,

·         he Studies well,

·         he Understands the subjects properly,

·         proper care of the parents as well as teachers to him,

·         he studies regular, etc. etc.

But, are these the real facts because of which a student scores good marks or fewer marks?

The above-mentioned causes are the only basic facts because of which a student succeeds or do not succeed. These reasons are easily understandable. But the main facts are totally different. The main causes  here are the power of the brain(i.e. negative and positive thinking), minding ability.

A good student always aims to obtain high marks in the exams. But only a few students become successful before their aims and most of the students even do not get pass marks. But why do they not get even pass marks or good marks? This question is very simple but has great facts. Few students only realize this question in their mind after their result has been given. And most of the students ignore this very important question by thinking that they have bad luck, they do not have a brilliant brain(minding ability), their answer script has not been properly checked, etc. etc.

But is it really true? No, it is wrong to say that one hasn’t a brilliant idea. One has everything within one and here brain plays the key role. This question should be thought by each successful and unsuccessful students. You may have a question in your mind, even being succeeded before their aims why do successful student should think about this reality facts.

Well, let me tell you in detail. A failure students should think about this very important facts to know the weakness within them unless which they couldn’t overcome their problems and couldn’t become a successful person in this world.

It will be very understandable if an example is taken here. So, let me tell you with the help of a patient and a doctor. When a patient goes to the doctor, the doctor first tells him or her about the problems he or she is faced or doctor himself checkup the patient to know about their problems and thus finds out the diseases of the patient.

And then the doctor prescribes some particular medicines to the patients and tell them to take the medicines timely. Taking the medicines properly and timely, a patient becomes well within the prescribed days.

In the same way, we should first find out what are the problems and difficulties we have. And then only we can solve our problems. Unless recognizing the problems within us, we couldn’t overcome our problems.  In the above example if the doctor did not check up the patient, he couldn’t prescribe the perfect medicines and then the patient would not be well. Because without knowing the diseases, how would he (the doctor) give the medicines? It is impossible.

Every problem has a solution. If there is a problem, there is a way.

If you think you are a weak person or student, you will become weak and if you think, you are intelligent and expert, you will become intelligent and expert in any field of your life.

It is the power of brain which plays the central role in our life. If you think negative, you couldn’t prosper or succeed in any fields of your life and if you are a positive thinker, you will succeed in any field of your life. Success would stand ahead of you. You would always live in a happy life.
It is important to note here is that what does the term positive and negative actually imply? In simple words positive means ‘yes’ and negative means ‘no’.  It would be well if I here take an example. A father tells his son to sweep his (son’s) room, here son says that he cannot do that work (i.e. the son cannot sweep the room). Here son’s thought is negative which gives a bad result (His father would not like him or beat him etc.) But on the contrary, if he (son) told that he (son) would sweep the room, here his (son’s) thought would be positive which would give well result to him because his father would be happy and thus would love him.

These are the facts of which one become weaker.

If we look a little bit around the history of our country, we could understand what type of problems, difficulties, oppression etc. had to be faced by our forefathers and freedom fighters. But think if they didn’t stand against the British, could we obtain freedom yet? No, Impossible. We would even now remain under their (British) rule and we would all have to face their oppression.

But we are now in our own place, now we are free from their oppression, rules, etc. why? It is because of only strong faith of our freedom fighters and our forefathers.

In this world, all the success person were a positive thinker.  Remind our great philosopher, Swami Vivekananda’s words. He said,

“Your body is a weapon and consider it very strong. Consider your mind to be very strong as only with strong mind and body you will be able to cross the ocean of life. Have a strong faith in yourself, your body and mind.”

Now come to the main points for which I have talked all these.   I have said that each successful and unsuccessful students should think depth about the weakness of the failure students. Failure students should think because doing that only he could find out the solution of his or her problems. And successful students should think, it is because for the helping of others.
Now let me tell all the steps applying which, a student could surely score high marks in any exam. Since our mind plays the central roles in our human, therefore emphasis should be given on the development of child's mind from his or her childhood, because it is the main time when any child's mind power would very high. They could capture anything very shortly.
Therefore, parents should take care of them very carefully in every step of their life. As parents cherish them, so they will grow and thus their mind will developed.
Children are like the wetted soil where one could draw any type of art one wants to draw.
Therefore, all parents should mind these words. 
In every step of their life, the parents should give bits of knowledge of morel science,  listen them the biography of great personalities like Shree Ram, Kabir Das, Mahatma Buddha( Gautama Buddha), the verses of Srimad Bhagbad Gita, etc.

If any parents maintain these steps properly, carefully, concentrately, then their child one day would become not only a good student but also a great personality in this world.

To score high marks in any exams, a student mind the following steps:

  • developed your minding and recollecting ability,

  • practise and take meditation regularly,

  • take exercise daily in the morning,

  • wake up in the early morning(dawn),

  • developed your language( with which you would write answers in the exam),

  • study regularly,

  • After learning, write the answers without looking after at least 5 hours,

  • understand the topics very well,

  • make answers with your own words,

  • learn grammar properly,

  • take test periodically,

  • practise mathematics daily at least 30 minutes and try to understand the topics very well.

If one student follows these steps properly, he or she would surely score high marks in the exam.

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