Assam General knowledge for All Competitive Exam APSC Assam Police CTET Etc



Assam General knowledge for All Competitive Exam APSC Assam Police CTET Etc

Assam General  knowledge for All Competitive Exam APSC Assam Police CTET Etc


General Knowledge is one of the most important topics for every competitive Examination in India. (For example in  it is seen that in every competitive Examination in Assam questions from Assam General Knowledge are mostly asked. Thus this section has become very important nowadays for competitive  Examination  and You cannot ignore this topics, if you want to get selection in a government in India through competitive  Examination.


Assam General  knowledge for All Competitive Exam APSC Assam Police CTET Etc

As I told on my earlier post that the most important 1000 MCQs  of Assam General Knowledge for competitive Examination especially for Assam Police Constable and SI Exam 2022 that would be going to be held 24th April as per the Notification  of slrpbassam would be shared, I am working on it, and in this post I have shared the most important 100 MCQs of Assam general Knowledge which are very important for Assam police constable and si exam 2022. 

Assam General  knowledge for All Competitive Exam APSC Assam Police CTET Etc

201 Hayagriva Madhava Temple of  Hajo is located in which hill?

(a)Agnigarh hill

(b) Nila Chal hill

(c) Monikut hill

(d)  Mikir hill

Answer:  Monikut hill

202. Which one was the second film directed by Jyotiprasad  Agarwala? 

(a) Joymoti

(b) Indramalati

(c) Monumoti

(d) Siraj

Answer: Indramalati

203. The first Tea company established in Assam was?

(a) Assam Tea Company

(b) Assam Bengal

(c) Toklai

(d) None of the above

Answer: Assam Tea Company

204. The Treaty of Yandaboo signed between East India Company And which one the following -

(a) Ahom King

(b) King of Burma

(c) Kachari King

(d) Chutiya King

Answer: King of Burma

205. Kherai Puja is an important religious festival of -

(a) Rabha

(b) Bodo

(c) Miri

(d) Karbi

Answer: Bodo

206. What is the biggest argo-based Industry in Assam?

(a) Rubber Industry

(b) Jute Industry 

(c) Sugar Industry

(d) Tea Industry

Answer: Tea Industry

207. Which district was previously known as Bengmara and Changmai  Pathar?

(a) Sibsagar

(b) Jorhat

(c) Tinsukia 

(d) Golaghat

Answer: Tinsukia

208. "Atmanusandhan" is an autobiography, is  written by? 

(a) Homen Borogohain

(b) Kanak Sen  Deka

(c) Nagen Saikia

(d) Mahim Bora

Answer: Homen  Borogohain

209. Which of the following is true regarding the coals found in Assam?

(a) High Ash content

(b) High Sulphur content

(c) High Moisture content

(d) Low Volatile Matter

Answer: High Sulphur content

210. IIT Guwahati was established in the year?

(a) 1992

(b) 1994

(c) 1996

(d) 1998

Answer: 1994

211. The 'Baisagu" Festival  is celebrated by which ethnic group of Assam?

(a) Bodo

(b) Deori

(c) Dimasa

(d) Rabha

Answer: Bodo

212. "Baikho" Festival is an important festival of-

(a) Karbi

(b) Rabha

(c) Bodo

(d) Tiwa

Answer: Rabha

213. Who was the first Chief Minister of Assam?

(a) Bishnuram Medhi

(b) Tarun Ram Phukon

(c) Gopinath Bordoloi

(d) None of the above

Answer: Gopinath Bordoloi

214.Right to information Act in India came fully into force in /

(a) October, 2008

(b) June,2005

(c) July, 2008

(d) October, 2005

Answer: October,2005

215. Which of the following wild life sanctuary is located in Udalguri district?

(a) Chakrashila 

(b) Bornodi

(c) Amchang

(d) Bura Chapori

Answer: Bornodi

216. Me-Dam-Me-Phi is celebrated  annually on-

(a) 31st  January

(b) 31st  February

(c) 31st  March

(d) 31st  April

Answer: 31st   January

217. Siang, joined by Lohit and Dibang makes which of the following rivers?

(a) Jia Bharali

(b) Dikhow

(c) Subansiri

(d) Brahmaputra

Answer: Brahmaputra

218. Which one was the first capital of Ahom Kingdom in Assam?

(a) Garhgaon

(b) Charaideo

(c) Jorhat

(d) Sivsagar

Answer: Charaideo

219. Nameri National Park is declared as a National Park in -

(a) 1990

(b) 1998

(c) 1999

(d) 2000

Answer: 1998

220. Ali-Aai-Ligang is as agri-based festival celebrated by the --

(a) Bodo

(b) Khasis

(c) Mising

(d) Naga

Answer: Mising

221. Pani Dhing Bird Sanctuary is located in whhich one of the following districts?

(a) Jorhat

(b) Sivasagar

(c) Golaghat

(d) Dhemaji

Answer: Sivasagar

222. The first Assamese to compile a dictionary named 'Hemkosh' is?

(a) Chandradhar Barua

(b) Hemchandra Barua

(c) Hemchandra Goswami

(d) None of these

Answer: Hemchandra Barua

223. The source of maximum income to Panchayati Raj Institution is?

(a) Local taxes

(b) Regional Funds

(c) Governments  grants

(d) Share in Union Govt. Revenue

Answer: Government grants

224.Who is the author of the famous book "Pita-Putra"?

(a) Dr. Hiren Gohain 

(b) Satyanath Bora

(c) Bhabendra Nath Saikia

(d) Homen Borgohain

Answer: Homen Borgohain

225. The first Assamese romantic poem is?

(a) Priyotoumar Sithi

(b) Bon Kuwari

(c) Rajpath

(d) Sonpahi

Answer: Bon Kuwari

226. The Naranarayan Setu connects the Pancharatna Town with which city?

(a) Kaliabor

(b) Tezpur

(c) Bongaigaon

(d) Jogigopha

Answer: Jogigopha

227. The total length of Dhola-Sadiya Bridge is--

(a) 9.5 Km

(b) 9.15 Km

(c) 9.35 Km

(d) 9.10 Km

Answer: 9.15 Km

228. Which state was separated  from Assam in 1963?

(a) Sikkim

(b) Nagaland

(c) West Bengal

(d) None of the above

Answer: Nagaland

229. The Lachit Borphukon's Maidam is located in?

(a) Sivasagar

(b) Jorhat

(c) Dibrugarh

(d) Guwahati

Answer: Jorhat

230. Who was the first Chief Justice of Guwahati High Court?

(a) R.F. Lodge

(b) T.V. Thandani

(c) Sarjoo Prasad

(d) C.P. Sinha

Answer: R.F. Lodge

231. Which one is the State Bird of Assam?

(a) Lavsan Duck

(b) Refous-necked Hornbill

(c) Pink -headed Duck

(d) White -winged Wood Duck

Answer: White -wigned Wood Duck

232. For how many days captain Wales stayed in Asssm?

(a) 15 Months

(b) 16 Months

(c) 17 Months

(d) 19 Months

Answer: 17 Months

233.Who is the first Assamese women IAS?

(a) Parul Das

(b)  Meera Sharma 

(c) Sakhalata Dowarah

(d) None of the above

Answer: Parul Das

234. Who was the first to start  the system of land surveying in Assam?

(a) Gadadhar Singha

(b) Rudra Singha

(c) Nara Narayan

(d) Udayaditya Singha

Answer: Gadadhar Singha

235. How many maximnum members are elected from Assam for Rajya Sabha?

(a) 5



(d) 10

Answer: 7

236. Who was known as "Vikramaditya" of Kamrup?

(a) Rudra Singha

(b) Lachit Borphukon

(c) Naranarayan

(d) Chilarai


237. Kanaklata Baruah was killed while she was trying to host the tri-colour in which police station?

(a) Gohpur

(b) Darrang 

(c) Sarupathar

(d) Tezpur

Answer: Gohpur

238. Hamren is the headquarter of which one district?

(a) Cachar

(b) Dima Hasao

(c) Karbi Anglong

(d) West Karbi Anglong

Answer: West Karbi Anglong

239. In which year Cotton College was established?

(a) 1898

(b) 1901

(c) 1902

(d) 1905


240. The Rain Forest Research Institute in Assam is located?

(a) Diphu

(b) Dhubri

(c) Dibrugarh

(d) Jorhat

Answer: Jorhat

241. The railway route length of Assam is Approximately -

(a) 2434 Km

(b) 2532Km

(c) 2666 Km

(d) 2848 Km

Answer:: 2434 Km

242. Which Assamese writer is also known as "Upanyash Samrat"?

(a) Sarat Chandra Goswami

(b) Laxminath Bezbaruah

(c) Rajanikanta Bordoloi

(d) Krishna Kanta Handique

Answer: Rajanikanta Bordoloi

243. "Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai" won the National Film Award for the best feature film in the year?

(a) 1997

(b) 1998

(c) 1988

(d) 1986


244. Who is appointed as first ever sports ambassador of Assam?

(a) Hima Das

(b) Ankushita Bora

(c) Shiva Thapa

(d) Mahadev Deka

Answer: Hima Das

245. The novel "Abhijatri" was written by?

(a) Arun Sarma

(b) Sneha Devi

(c) Nirupoma Borgohain

(d) Chandra Prasad Saikia

Answer: Nirupoma  Borgohain

246. Which Sikh Guru built the famous Guruduwara in Dhubri Town?

(a) Guru Gobind Singh

(b) Guru Teg Bahadur

(c) Guru Hargobind

(d) Guru Harikishan

Answer: Guru Teg Bahadur

247. Who directed the Assamese film "Shakuntala" 

(a) Munin Barua

(b) Jyoti Prasad Agarwala

(c) Bhupen Hazarika

(d) Bhabendra Nath Saikia

Answer: Bhupen Hazarika

248.The first Tiger reserve of Assam is -

(a) Kaziranga Tiger reserve

(b) Manas Tiger reserve

(c) Orang Tiger reserve

(d) Nameri Tiger reserve

Answer: Manas Tiger reserve

249. The biography "Smritir Tirtha" is written  on the life of?

(a) Amulya Barua

(b) Chandradhar Barua

(c) Chandra Kumar Agarwala

(d) Nabin Chandra Bordoloi

Answer: Nabin Chandra Bordoloi

250. The bridal dress of Bodo is Called

(a) Salamatha

(b) Sheath

(c) Mekhela -Chador

(d) Dokhona

Answer: Salamatha

251. In Which year Sattriya is recognised as a classical dance by Sangeet Natak Academy?

(a) 1995

(b) 1999

(c) 2000

(d) 2003

Answer: 2000

252. Baidima is a traditional dance of-

(a) Karbi

(b) Mising

(c) Rabha

(d) Dimasa

Answer: Dimasa

253. "Hauno Puja'' is celebrated by-

(a) Tea Tribe

(b) Deori

(c) Tiwa

(d) Hajong

Answer: Deori

254. The first 'Ankia Nat' written by Sankardeva is-

(a) Rukmini Haran

(b) Chinhaayatra

(c) Kaliya Daman

(d) None of these

Answer: Chinhaayatra

255.The "Kujai Ghar'' is hajong Community is referred to-

(a) Laxmi Puja

(b) Saraswati Puja

(c) Manasa Puja

(d) Durga Puja

Answer:  Laxmi Puja

256. The 2nd Tige reserve of Assam is -

(a) Nameri Tiger reserve 

(b) Kaziranga Tiger reserve

(c) Manas Tiger reserve

(d) Orang Tiger reserve

Answer: Nameri tiger resaerve

257. Buhkuni Paatani is a traditional costume of which of the following community?

(a) Rabha

(b) Sonowal Kachari

(c) Koch Rajbongshi

(d) Karbi

Answer: Koch Rajbongshi

258.Who led the famous 1857 revolt against British in Assam?

(a) Piyoli Phukon and Jeuram Dulia Barua

(b) Harakanta and Haranath

(c) Moniram Dewan And Piyoli  Barua

(d) Anandaram Dhekial Phukon and Gunabhiram Baruah

Answer: Moniran Dewan and Piyoli Barua

259. Dibru Saikhowa National Park is situated in which district of Assam?

(a) Sonitpur

(b) Jorhat & Golaghat

(c) Karbi Anglong & Golaghat

(d) Dibrugarh And Tinsukia District

Answer: Dibrugarh & Tinsukia District

260. What is the meaning of the word Ai in the festival name "Ali Ai Ligang"?

(a) Seed



(c) Tree

(d) Water

Answer: Seed

261. Peng Karkli is a traditional festival celebrated by which of the following community?

(a) Karbi

(b) Tiwa

(c) Rabha

(d) Mech Kachari

Answer: Karbi

262.Tora chira is a traditional festival of which of the following tribe-

(a) Rabha

(b)  Sonowal Kachari

(c) Thengal Kachari

(d) Deori

Answer: Thengal Kachari

263. Assam does not share its inter-state boundary with which of the following north eastern states?

(a) Mizoram

(b) Tripura

(c) Nagaland

(d) Sikkim

Answer: Sikkim

264. Assam shares its interstate boundary with only one state , which is not a north eastern state. It is -

(a)  Odisha

(b) Sikkim

(c) West Bengal

(d) Bihar

Answer: West Bengal

265. On the basis of Geographical area among north eastern states, the position of Assam is -

(a) 1st 

(b) 2nd

(c) 3rd

(d) 4th

Answer: 2nd

266. Raimona National Park  is situated at-

(a) Kokrajhar

(b) Baksa

(c) Chirang

(d) Udalguri

Answer: Kokrajhar

267. Sonai-Rupai National Park is situated at-

(a) Jorhat

(b) Karbbi Anglong

(c) Sivasagar

(d) Sonitpur

Answer: Sonitpur

268. Raimona National Park is famous for-

(a) Golden Langur

(b) Clouded Leopard

(c) Pigmy Hog

(d) Gibbon

Answer: Golden Langur

269. Raimona National Park is a contagious forest part of which forest reserve?

(a) Ripu forest reserve, Chirang

(b) Galia forest reserve, Bhawanipur

(c) Ultapani forest reserve

(d) Singra forest reserve

Answer: Ripu Forest reserve,Chirang

270.Assam shares its maximum inter-state boundary with which state?

(a) Arunachal Pradesh

(b) Meghalaya

(c) Nagaland

(d) Manipur

Answer: Meghalaya

271. The total length of river Brahmaputra in India is-

(a) 750 Km

(b) 730 Km

(c) 915 Km

(d) 1015 Km

Answer: 915 Km

272. When Majuli is formally declaed as a district in Assam ?

(a) 8th September,2016

(b) 9 th November, 2016

(c) 16 th January, 2017

(d) 21st March, 2017

Answer: 8th September , 2016

273. Dehing Patkai was declared as a wildlife Sanctuary in -

(a) 2004

(b) 2005

(c) 2006

(d) 2007

Answer: 2004

274.Which of the following constituency of Assam Lagislative Assambly reserved for Schedule Tribe?

(a) Majuli

(b) Bihpuria

(c) Mahmara

(d) Bokakhat

Answer: Majuli

275. In the Allahabad pillar inscription , central Assam is mentioned as-

(a) Kamrup

(b) Pragjyaotishpur

(c) Davaka

(d) Lohit

Answer: Davaka

276.Dehing Patkai was declared as an elephant reserve in -

(a) 1999

(b) 2000

(c) 2002

(d) 2003

Answer: 2003

277.Which National Park of Assam has almost  80% of its Grassland?

(a) Orang National Park

(b) Kaziranga National Park

(c) Nameri National Park 

(d) Dibru Saikhowa National Park

Answer: Orang National Park

278. Whon was the first vice-chancellor of Guwahati University?

(a) Krishna Kanta Handique 

(b) Hemchandra Goswami

(c) Padmanath Gohain Barua

(d) Rajanikanta Bordoloi

Answer: Krishna Kanta handique

279. What is the area of Brahmaputra Valley?

(a) 58,315 sq. km

(b) 59,300 sq. km

(c) 57,851 sq. km

(d) 56,635sq. km

Answer: 58,315 sq.  km

280. Whaty is the area of  Barak valley?

(a) 6,821sq. km 

(b) 6,962 sq. km

(c) 7,962sq. km

(d) 7,821 sq. km

Answer: 6,962 sq. km

281. How much percentage of Indian Landmass is covered by Assam ?

(a) 3.39

(b) 2.39

(c) 2.93

(d) 2.59

Answer; 2.39

282. Which one is the first team defeated by Assam in Ranji Trophy Cricket?

(a) Mumbai

(b) Orissa

(c) Tripunra

(d) Karnataka

Answer: Orissa

283. Which district of Assam is also known as the "Land of the Satras"?

(a) Barpeta

(b) Majuli

(c) Jorhat 

(d) Nagoan

Answer: Barpeta

284.Which of the following North Eastern state shares the shortest bouhdary with Assam-

(a) Nagaland

(b) Mizoram

(c) Tripura

(d) Manipur

Answer: Tripura

285. How much land of Assam has been occupied by forests?

(a) 34.21%

(b) 33.42%

(c) 37.45%

(d) 27.24%


286. Deo Hah (White Winged Wood Duck) is abundatly found in which national park of Assam?

(a) Manas National Park

(b) Dibru Saikhowa National Park 

(c) Nameri National Park 

(d) Dehing Patkai National Park

Answer: Dibru Saikhowa National Park 

287.Orang National Park was declared as a Wild lilfew Sanctuary in -

(a) 1985

(b) 1990

(c) 1991

(d) 1999

Answer: 1985

288. "Bah Gosaain Puja" (Bamboo God) is the most important festival of?

(a) Deori

(b) Tiwa

(c) Sarania Kachari

(d) Thengal Kachari

Answer: Sarania Kachari

289. Foxtail orchid ( kopou phool ) is adopted as the state flower of Assam on_

(a) 4th March 2002 

(b) 4th April 2003

(c) 16th April 2004

(d) 7th March 2003

Answer: (b) 

290. The state tree of  Assam is 

(a) Neem 

(b) Sisu

(c) Coconut 

(d) Hollong

Answer : (d) 

291. Tea is declared as the state dring of Assam  on 

(a) November 23, 2011

(b) October 15, 2010

(c) September 23, 2012

(d) September 21, 2011

Answer: (a) 

292. In Which city, the first CNG station of Assam is innagurated?

(a) Guwahati 

(b) Dibrugarh

(c) Tezpur

(d) Jorhat

Answer: (b)

293. Bushu Festival is one of the main festivals of which of the following community?

(a) Karbi

(b) Dimasa

(c) Rabha

(d) Koch Rajbongshi

Answer: (b)

294. Who directed the Assamese film ''Shakuntala''?

(a) Bhabendra Nath Saikia

(b) Dr. Bhupen Hazarika

(c) Bidyut Chakrabarty

(d) Jyotiprasad Agarwala

Answer: (B)

295. Who is the first Assamese  women to win international Gold medal in sports?

(a) Hima Das

(b) Ankushita Boro

(c) Monalisha Barua Mehta

(d) Mithu Baruah

Answer: (b)

296. The highest concentration of forest in the state of Assam occurs in?

(a) Karbi Anglong

(b) Dima Hasao

(c) Goalpara

(d) Dhubri

Answer: (a)

297. The state aquatic animal of Assam is-

(a) Sihu ( Ganges river Dolphin)

(b) Shark 

(c) Penguin

(d) Deohah

Answer: (a)

298.Sihu as the aquatic animal of Assam is declared on-

(a) 5th April,2008

(b) 6th April , 2010

(c) 7th April, 2009

(d) 6th April , 2010

Answer: (a)

299. The National Waterway from Sadiya to Dhubri through river Brahmaoutra is NW No.-

(a) NW 3

(b) NW 37

(c) NW 31

(d) NW 2

Answer: NW2

300. When did Assam Pradesh Congress Committee formed?

(a) 1885

(b) 1905

(c) 1917

(d) 1921

Answer: 1921.

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