The Importance of Time In Our Life, Sit On Exam



The Importance of Time In Our Life, Sit On Exam

The Importance of Time In Our Life

Time is very important in our life, isn't it? Yes, of course, because it is the time without which we can't do anything. Am I right? Think deeply about it. Our life is covered with it. We all have limited time. The starting time in our life is known as birth and that's the ending time is called death. correct? Yes. We all have limited times between these two points i.e. birth and death and it is the time where we all enjoy our life. 

Whereas Someone becomes very famous, the others can't do anything and regret themselves. 

But I have a question in my mind. why does someone regret in spite of having equal times as compared with the popular persons in their respective life? is it only because they are born in a poor family or low-class or in a rural area etc. etc. 

In this world, there are many people whose thoughts are of such types and because of these reasons, they can't develop themselves. Because of these thoughts, they become weaker mentally and physically day by day and thus they have now no more time to develop their personality.

Isn't this their own fault?

We should always remember that in this world the persons who have become popular and popular, have given very important to time in their life.

If you have nothing with you, don't worry. Always think, you have time- present time. This present time is yours and you can develop your personality or anything with it. only you should remember you have to go through with it and have to work hard in the field in which you want to become popular or want to do something in your future.

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Gham bhula kar hasna sikho;
Rote huye dilo se mat raho,
Age barna sikho.
Jo tumhara he wo to mil gaya,
Or phir Kya cahete ho;
Baki jo ha, wo tumme ne;
Bas tum age calna sikho.
Q ki,
Jo tumha milla nahi,
Wo to tumhara hahi nahi.
Piche ko kon dekhta;
Jo kisika thahi nahi,
Or, agejo hone wala he,
Us A kon dekh sakta he.
Avi jo he,
Wohi tumhara he.
Iske sat bas tum, calna sikho.

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